Monday, 30 June 2014

I like to call them Contemporary Doilies!!

This weekend was just lovely ... mild and sunny on Saturday, a nice downpour of rain on Sunday, and in between just chilling with my dear David and my crochet work on our new little deck!  Just before the storm, I checked our lemon tree, in case gusts of wind did any damage ... wowwee ... I have beautiful lemons this season ... I see Lemon Curd and Lemon Meringue Pie happening in my kitchen in the little while!

My crochet endeavours took the form of two beautiful contemporary doilies, as I like to refer to them ...  These are not really Mandalas, but also not Doilies in the old fashioned sense!  Although having said that, I have been trolling around Pinterest looking at the gorgeous Vintage patterns available .. I could get quite taken with making one or two! 

This is the first one; it is an adaption of a Vintage Flower Potholder.  The yarn is 100% Cotton in yellow and a variegated blend of colours.

Bright and colourful

The second is a Vintage doily pattern from Lacy Crochet, one of my favourite blogs for all things delicate and lovely!

I love this pattern, and I love the green yarn too, it is a 100% Bamboo 4 ply. The yarn has a gorgeous sheen and slight marbelled effect.

I wish you a wonderful week dear friends, full of creativity, contentment, many cups of your favourite bev, and a slice or two of chocolate cake, if that takes your fancy!!

Till next time
xxx Pat xxx

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

All done!

Ta - dahhhh ~~~The last 12 beanies for my Mandela 67 are finished!

I am writing up a pattern for this last little hat;  there probably exists such a pattern, this will be my version.  It takes care of worrying about the pesky 'travelling join lines', by working into the spaces and not the stitches!  

And then I whizzed up a pair of wristers to compliment my Road Trip Scarf, and used the braid idea from the scarf pattern to finish off the tops!  I am thinking that I may add a flower or two - what do you think??

Olga from Lacy Crochet posted a very pretty vintage pattern of a doily this week, that I thought I would give a try.  This ball of lovely variegated cotton yarn has been in my basket for some time, it looked like it might make up a rather colourful centrepiece ...   Now that I am this far, I am not too sure of the busy-ness of the colours for this dainty pattern.  But I think I will finish it anyway.  

And to all our Southern Hemisphere bloggy friends ~
Layla says wrap up warmly or better still ~
stay under a warm blanket if possible! ~
at least until the springtime!

Until next time
Cheers from Pat and Layla xxx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Twelve to go!

Quick update on my Mandela 67 Beanies for A Good Cause; 55 done with 12 to go!
Here are some pics of the latest 9 .... 

 A trio in soft pastel shades of pink and yellow
and then these darling little hats in 'Camo' colours of blue/green and khaki/tan! 

In between the hats, I made up this fab scarf ~ the pattern is called the Road Trip Scarf;  you will find it on my bloggie friend Zooty Owl's blog, lovely scarves are popping up all over the Fb crochet pages .... quick and easy to make, it took just a tad over 2 x 50 grms of DK wool (but may I add I do crochet looser rather than tighter!) The pattern recommends 2 balls of 50 grms and that is about right.  With the extra yarn I am making a pair of cut-off mitts to compliment the scarf. Watch this space, I will add an edit when they are done!
   Embellish with flowers, beads, braids, it's a fun little project to tuck in between your bigger WIP's.

The edging is particularly interesting with braiding worked into the final row.

The garden is pretty drab right now, we are in the middle of our driest and coldest days so nothing much of interest is to see ..... I do envy my English blog pals who are showing pics of the most glorious countryside walks!

Here is a little Striped Kingfisher I spotted whilst out walking the dogs

And this handsome Egyptian Goose was eyeing me out, perched on a high roof top outside
my kitchen door this morning!

Thanks for popping by dear friends,
till next time
Hugs Pat xx

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Half way there! My Madiba 67!!

In my very first blog dated Sunday 1 September 2013, I mentioned a special project I was working on, 67 hats for Mandela Day.  The general idea is to spend 67 minutes in some sort of service or activity to honour our Madiba. So I decided to make 67 little hats for needy and disadvantaged prem and new born babies as my contribution.

Since then I have got so caught up with other projects ... I counted the hats the other day, and PANIC STATIONS ... I am only half way there!   So my main focus right now is to finish all the hats so that by 18 July I have got 67 of the cutest Prem and New Born baby beanies to take to a needy natal and neo natal unit in my area.

These are some of my latest additions; I made three last night while watching tellie, so quick and easy and a chance to use up small balls of yarn!

Here are two teeny hats I have just finished ... I used two patterns from Olga from Lacy Crochet .. they are just the cutest little hats ever!  Thanks Olga ♥ 

Shells Newborn hat in a soft variagated yarn and a swirl pattern in peppermint green

So happy you stopped by ... till next time xxxxxxxxxxxxx